We have Hawaiian music in our blood!

Ho'omauMele.com is dedicated to becoming your hub for traditional Hawaiian songs, contemporary Hawaiian songs mostly in the Hawaiian Language and Hapa Hoale songs. The collection of content uploaded to this site and links to Internet resources is created and maintained by you. There are so many resource scattered around the Internet; the idea of this site is to oragnize them and when not available create them. Help make this the best resource for Hawaiian Mele on the Internet!

'Ho'omaumele.com ' lets you view and manage:
  • Uploaded text based Sheet Music, uploaded Sheet Music documents and add website links to Internet Sheet Music resources (for Tablature as well)
  • Add website links to Internet Video resources (like You Tube videos)
  • uploaded music files and add website links to Internet Music File resources
  • Duscussion threads for Songs
Our committment to you: Hawaiian music, 'Ukulele, Ki ho'alu and all things Hawaii are life long passions of ours. The content you help create on this site is safe and secure and hosted with a stable company. Data is backed up daily. Your passion and ours will keep this going for a long long time.

A special shout out to tropicalstormhawaii.com which is no longer online.  They paved the way for sharing Hawaiian Mele sheet music.  Ho'omaumele.com has been populated with user uploaded sheet music from the "Hawaiian Mele" section of tropicalstormhawaii.com which has been archived at http://web.archive.org.

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