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Composed By: Justin B. Fawsitt
Performed By: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Submitted By: Santana gentry  <>

G    C7   (4X¹s)

     G                       C
On a hilltop in Tahiti, as I gaze across the bay    
       G                D7
At the island of Moorea, standing in the day
      G                             C
And my lovely margarita, serves me cool Hinano beer   
     G                         D7
I¹ll be a fool in paradise if I'm a fool out here

C   G      C                   G      C   G                      D7.         Ddim
Ia orana   can¹t you stand the heat     Ia orana     dancing in bare feet
C   G      C                   G   C  G      D7                                G  C7. G C7
Ia orana   when you laugh at me     Ia orana   I.....I¹m in ecstacy

   G                          C
My name is margarita, and the salt upon your lips  
        G                           D7
Tell me lemon and tequila is the flavor of your kiss  
        G                              C
All the magic and the beauty and the humor of this isle     
   G                               D7
Is captured like a goldfish in the sparkle of your smile


    G                               C
The sunshine warms your mountain and paints you golden brown
    G                             D7
The water laps around you where I only hope to drown
    G                        C
The coconut plantations, the sea and sky are blue
    G                              D7
The South Pacific islands they are all caressing you


    G                                  C
The crimson dress you¹re wearing, with nothing underneath
    G                                 D7
The flower there behind your ear, the grass beneath your feet
     G                       C
Margarita, margarita, please dance with me tonight
G                                D7
We will dance together where the stars are shining bright

     G                  C
Margarita, margarita, I come from far away     
G                         D7
Let¹s go take a dive down in Matawai Bay
     G                   C
Margarita, margarita, we poking hinalea
G                     D7
We go in the dark and we don¹t need a spear