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Kanaka Waiwai w/ Chords

Composed By: Johnny Almeida...(i think so)
Performed By: anybody
Submitted By: Kealohi Kanahele <>

Vamp: Bb///F///C7///F/C7/

F                 F7 _
Ma ke ala hele 'o Iesu
 Bb_ _        F  
I halawai aku ai
C7             _ F     Dm
Me ke kanaka, 'opio hanohano
G7              C7
Kaulana i ka waiwai
F        _     _F7
Pane mai e ka 'opio
Bb               A7
"E ku'u haku maika'i
   Bb               F         
He aha ho'i ka'u e hana aku ai
G7      _C7      F       _
I loa'a e ke ola mau?" (ia 'oe)

 Bb _         _         
"E ha'awi, e ha'awi lilo
I kou mau waiwai
Huli a hahai mai ia'u
F       _Bb      F  
I loa'a e ke ola mau" (hui 2x)

F        _     F7
Minamina e ka 'opio
  Bb          F  
I knoa mau waiwai
C7    _       _ F        Dm
I ke ku'ai a ha'awi lilo aku
G7               C7
I ka po'e nele a hune
F           F7_  _
Huli a'e o Iesu la
Bb             _A7
Pane aku i ka 'opio
    Bb                F          
"'A'ole a'e hiki ke kanaka waiwai
G7      C7       F        _
I ke aupuni o ka lani'" (Ia 'oe)


F                                F7       
Let me walk through Paradise with you Lord
Bb                       F    
Take my hand and lead me there
C7                       F             Dm  
All my earthly treasures I will gladly give
G7                          C7   
Teach me how to love and to share
F                             F7        
Greed and lust and vanity were mine Lord
Bb                       A7  
Then I found your love divine
Bb                         F                  
Now on my knees I pray that I can find the way
G7              C7            F      F7 _
Let me walk through Paradise with you (Ia 'oe)


It was on the path Jesus
Chanced to meet
With a young man of position
Renowned for his wealth
The youth spoke, saying
"O my good lord
What, indeed, must I do
To gain eternal life?"

"Give away, give away completely
All of your many riches
Turn and follow me
To gain eternal life"

The youth regretted parting
With his many riches
To be sold and given away
To the poor and the destitute
Jesus then turned
Responding to the youth
"The rich man shall never reach
The kingdom of heaven"