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Ipo lei Manu O Hanauma (Larry W Jones 06/18/2002) (song #006)

When the sun shines brightly on the waters of Hanauma Bay
It reflects the beauty of the love that we share today
Ipo lei Manu, beautiful bird of this tropical paradise
I can see love. Reflections in the magic of Hawaiian eyes

Hanauma Bay, where the little fishes come to play
In my mind, colors of the rainbow on a sunny day
Ipo lei Manu, sweet in my heart, the love we have today
Warm as the sun, soft as rainbows on Hanauma Bay

As we go walking in the shade of the coconut trees  
My heart sings a song, as free as an island breeze
Footprints in time. Yours and mine, in the sands of Hanauma Bay
Today you're mine. Tomorrow will find that our love is here to stay

Hanauma Bay,... 

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