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Created by: Site Admin (12/18/2011)
Kuu Lehua Composed By: Unknown Performed By: Maunalua - Pure Hawaiian Submitted By: TC <> Intro: E7 Am E7 Am F G7 C C7 F C ‘Upu a’e ka mana’o o ka pua C Dm G7 He pua lehua pā I ka ‘ili C C7 F C Kā’ili ‘ia nei pu’uwai aloha C G7 C G7 G7 C Na wai nō ‘oe e ‘mālama mai C C7 F C Mai ka lihilihi a ka wai ‘a’ala C Dm G7 Ke ‘ala honi ‘ia I ka ‘Ōlauniu C C7 F C Ma ka wēlau I ‘ike ‘ia neia pua C G7 C C7 Ka pua I kau kehakeha ‘ia (Chorus) F C Hi’ipoi ‘ia e ka ‘āhui manu F A7 Hui pū me ke aloha palena ‘ole F E7 Am Pale ho’I mai ka nalomeli inu lehua F G7 F C G7 G7 C Hū a’e ka ‘I’ini e inu I neia wai ‘a’ala Ending: F G7 F Fm C G7/ C C C7 F C Huli aku, huli mai I ke ala pono C Dm G7 Pono paha ka huina I nei lehua C C7 F C Ka pua lehua kū ho’okahi I ka lipolipo C G7 C G7 G7 C Ho’okahi wale nō pua e hi’I mai ai (INSTRUMENTAL – REPEAT ABOVE) C C7 F C Puana mai ke aloha o ka pua C Dm G7 Ka pua lehua pā I ka ‘ili C C7 F C Mili mau ‘ia e ka ‘Ōlauniu C G7 C C7 Ma ka wēlau nō kāua e hui pū ai (Back to chorus for ending) English translation: I recall the thoughts of this flower A lehua blossom that gently touches the skin This deep-felt love is captured Who is the one that will care for you? From the soft bristles to the fragrant nectar The fragrance kissed by the ‘Ōlauniu wind It is at the very top that this flower can be seen The flower that is placed high in my thoughts Cherished is this lehua blossom by many birds Let us be together within the love that has no boundaries This little lehua nectar-drinking bee will protect you The desire to drink of this nectar just wells up inside I search here and there for the righteous path Perhaps the meeting of the two of us is a good thing The lehua blossom that stands out in the deep forest There is only one flower that I will hold close to my heart Let the story be told of the love for this flower The lehua blossom that gently touches the skin Caressed by the ‘Ōlauniu wind It is at the very top of the mountain that we will be together ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~09.18.05 22:05:06 HST Ua haku 'ia 'o "Ku'u Lehua" e ku'u wahi kumu 'olelo Hawai'i mai ke kula nui o Kamehameha ma Kapalama, 'o ia ho'i 'o Melelani Pang. Ma ka CD, loa'a kona inoa Hawai'i 'e a'e: Naniha'upu. I ko'u mana'o, 'oi aku ka maika'i o "Naniha'upu" ma mua o kona mau inoa 'e a'e, no ka mea, ua koho 'o ia i kela inoa e kau mai ma ka CD. Mahalo ia 'oukou i ko 'oukou kau 'ana i keia mele u'i loa! "Ku'u Lehua" was composed by my beloved Hawaiian language teacher from Kamehameha, and his name is Melelani Pang. On the CD, there is his other Hawaiian name: Naniha'upu (with a kahako over the second "a"). I think (for the website) it would be better to list Naniha'upu as the composer's name because that is the name he chose to put on the CD credits. Thank you for posting this beautiful song! 'O au iho no, Miala Leong Miala Leong ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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