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Hawai'i Pono'i Composed By: King David Kalakaua Performed By: All of Hawai'i Nei Submitted By: me <> Translation: Hawai`i pono`î Hawaii's own true sons Nânâ i kou mô`î Be loyal to your chief Ka lani ali`i, Your country's liege and lord Ke ali`i The chief Hui: Makua lani ê, Royal father Kamehameha ê, Kamehameha Na kaua e pale, Shall defend in war Me ka ihe With spears Hawai`i pono`î Hawaii's own true sons Nânâ i nâ ali`i Look to your chief Nâ pua muli kou Those chiefs of younger birth Nâ pôki`i Younger descent Hawai`i pono`î Hawaii's own true sons E ka lâhui e People of loyal heart `O kâu hana nui The only duty lies E u`i ê List and abide ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~06.02.05 20:15:40 HST Mahalo nui loa for this website. As far as I know King David Kalakaua wrote the lyrics, and the music was composed by Henry (Heinrich) Berger the bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band. Aloha, Thomas Thomas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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